A Speech Therapist in Your Pocket!

Your child's voice powers our activities

Welcome to the world of ASD 123, Accessible Speech Development. We are an interactive mobile application designed to help children develop their speech and language skills. Our innovative use of AI and voice technology, provides children with greater interactivity while also empowering parents to communicate with their child.

How ASD 123 Can Help Your Child Speak

ASD 123 drives interactivity through the use of voice technology. This means no more having the child silently tap away on the screen, but instead they use their voice to interact with the activities presented on the screen. Through consistent use of our application the child practices their language skills which can then lead them to utilize improved communication skills in the home.

Features of ASD 123

ASD 123 is a tool for improving your child's speech and language abilities. Our app offers personalized exercises, interactive activities, and data analytics to ensure effective learning. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive progress tracking, ASD 123 is the perfect companion for your child's communication development.

About ASD 123

ASD 123 was founded by a speech and language pathologist and data scientist who recognized the need for a modern and effective tool to support children with speech and language difficulties especially as wait times for a child to be seen by a speech and language therapist are only growing. Our mission is to provide access to speech therapy on a global scale through leveraging technology.


Sheeva Abolhassani M.S. CCC-SLP

CTO & Cofounder

Ravindra Babu

Anywhere, anytime, anyplace ASD 123 is there for your child to grow and develop at an easy pace.

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